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Relationships & Love

Created with excerpts from publications and lectures by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet as well as teachings of the great spiritual masters of the ages, these Pearls teach us to weave the messages of our highest self into our everyday thoughts, feelings, and actions. The stories, lectures, anecdotes and techniques for self-mastery, can help us see ourselves and the world around us through new eyes. And, perhaps most importantly, they will show us how refreshing it is to laugh at our own humanity. As Mark Prophet used to say, “It’s okay to be human as long as you remember you’re divine.” The Heavenly Pearls are released every month covering a part of life which can be infinitely improved when infused with the divine!

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Create positive change! Learn how to use the violet flame, a unique spiritual energy that can transform negativity into light and restore the joy of God to your world. This pocket guide describes how to use this high-frequency energy to increase vitality and spirituality, overcome blocks to healing and transmute the burden of traumatic experiences. Includes inspirational stories from people who have used the violet- flame to change their lives. Here on this page.