Music as a Magnet

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DVD: 1 hr. 29 min. Linda and Robert Worobec

Based on the Teachings of Elizabeth Clare Prophet

What is a syncopated beat?
How can I tell good music from bad?
Why should I even care?

This practical, down-to-earth DVD presents the foundational principles of the ascended masters’ teachings on music and its effects on matter, both negative and positive.

Professional musicians Linda and Robert Worobec present an informative workshop that includes a three-step “discernment toolbox” (rhythm, melody, harmony) to evaluate the quality of the music in your life. Now you will understand the profound effect music can have on your physical and spiritual well-being.

Train your ear by listening to the many segments of music included in this presentation—classical, rock, jazz, Celtic, Broadway, country, new age and more. Identify and understand the syncopated or back beat. You will “measure” the piece of music with your tools and then discern how that specific piece of music makes you feel.

As Elizabeth Clare Prophet has taught, music is a power that can be used to help or to harm. Gain a fresh perspective on this power that can change your world.

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