Mysteries of the Tao

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Mystical Paths of the Worlds Religions series

The Way … The mysteries of the Tao are unveiled by the sixth-century B.C. Chinese sage Lao Tzu in his mystical work the Tao-Te Ching. The Tao Te Ching is one of the most sacred works of the East. Next to the Bible, it has been translated more than any other book in the world.

Tao is usually translated as the Way. The Tao is the all-pervading principle of the universe – the First Cause, the Absolute. The Tao gives birth to all things and sustains all things. It is that to which all things return.

In Mysteries of the Tao, author and lecturer Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveals the keys to each one of us becoming the Perfect man. You can learn to:

Lean on a pillar that is never shaken
Travel a road that is never blocked
Be endowed from a resource that is never exhausted
Learn from a teacher that never dies
Be successful in whatever you do
Arrive wherever you go
Govern the inside, not the outside…

This 2-DVD set is part of the author’s highly-acclaimed Mystical Paths of the Worlds Religions series.

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