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The Answer You’re Looking for is Inside of You – A Commonsense guide to Spiritual Growth

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In “The Answer You’re Looking For Is Inside of You”, Mark Prophet weaves anecdotes from everyday life with universal truths to create a profound yet thoroughly enjoyable guide to spiritual growth. Mark Prophet, one of the great spiritual teachers of our time, had a unique approach to spirituality. He believed that our quest for meaning in life, though challenging, should be fun. And that we can often find the answers we’re looking for in the most unlikely places. Spontaneous and engaging, this book leads us to those places – sources deep within and situations all around us that reveal untold opportunities for personal awakening. It offers fresh insights and practical techniques for self-mastery that you can immediately apply to your own life’s journey. And in a delightful and down-to-earth way, it puts you in touch with your heart and with the truth that is at the heart of all the world’s mystical traditions – that you can experience your own intimate relationship with God.

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