Higher Consciousness

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Over seventy years ago, historian Arnold Toynbee foresaw a “time of troubles” coming to America and the nations of the West. Our destiny depends on our response to these mounting crises.

In this landmark release on America’s bicentennial, Saint Germain and other ascended masters outlined the challenges that America and the nations would face. They spoke of the promise of a new day that lies beyond them. And key to our success today, they outlined what the free nations of the world need to do to reach a new era of peace and enlightenment.

We are facing those challenges today. Our requirement is nothing less than a new American Revolution. The revolution of 1776 secured the independence of a new nation, an unprecedented experiment in liberty. Today, it is a revolution in spiritual awareness that is needed.

There is a part for you to play in the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness. Find your role. Fulfill your mission. Take up the path that leads to your ultimate freedom.

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