Meetings with Saint Germain part II

Ontmoeting met Saint Germain Deel 2

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De Magische Aanwezigheid (herdruk 2023)

The series: meetings with Saint Germain

This book contains the true radiation of the ascended masters, and is charged with the ascended master consciousness of beloved Saint Germain of freedom and victory in the light.

The truth, explanation of the Law, and my experiences described in this book are real, true, and eternal. The retreat rooms, the people and the instruments I saw and interacted with while with the ascended masters are real, physical places and things, and tangible, living, breathing beings. They were neither imagined nor symbolic, and should not be interpreted as such.'

Let the author Godfrey Ray King take you through his adventurous, miraculous and revealing experiences with the ascended masters, their miraculous practices and their beautiful retreats. And let yourself be transformed by the radiance of this book that can change your life forever.


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