The Journey Upward

The Journey Upward

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Dr Marilyn Barrick, with humour, insight and wisdom recounts the challenges and joys of her life-the life of a spiritual psychologist. She elucidates the soul as a personification of the Infinite, and the mind, heart and spirit as an echo of the Eternal One. She describes the earthly journey as an opportunity for the soul to fulfill her unique mission. And she explains how through compassionate assistance, the soul on the homeward path can lift the spirits of others and help to clear the way for their victory as well as her own.

Replete with delightful vignettes, personal realizations and spiritual inspiration as well as meditative exercises, the book abounds with joy and humour as well as an appreciation of the wonder of God and his creation. The Journey Upward is a prompting, a comfort and an inspiration that gently propels the reader into higher consciousness...

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