10,000 The Birth of the Avatars

10,001, Handbook for Soul Survival

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10,001, Handbook for Soul Survival blows the cover on the strategies and plans of the forces of darkness. They have a plan for you…it’s called Armageddon.

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10,001, Handbook for Soul Survival covers an eye-opening view of the birth of the avatars, the brewing Battle of Armageddon and the future of planet earth. You need not be a idle bystander to events shaking the world.

Esoteric tradition and spiritual prophecy tell us we are at the turning of an age. Many believe that the final battle of light and darkness will soon be upon us. Some know it as the Battle of Armageddon. But the war is here–now.

Many times it is silent, unseen.  The beast and armies of Revelation are often visible only to those with inner sight–even though they are no less real than the armies of the world.  And on the outcome of this physical/spiritual battle hangs the fate of worlds.

10,001 blows the cover on the forces of darkness.  Their strategies are revealed. They have a plan or you…it’s called Armageddon.

At last, what we read in the news each day makes sense and our next steps as spiritual warriors and shepherds becomes clear.

Find out what is really happening on planet Earth.
Knowledge is power.
Chart your course.
Fulfill your mission.

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